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Resident Complaints & Reviews

Resident / misuse of locomotive horn

Mar 10, 2018

I stay outside if a small town. I'm having an issue with all the trains coming through and parking on the tracks especially during the hours of 10pm - 7am. They each constantly use their horn and constantly sound the horn especially during these hours. They park on the tracks in the woods just steady blowing the horns. No intersections or reason for this. Can something be done!

Resident - Minnesota, Fridley / my bathroom items never came or my vibrater

Jan 23, 2018

I ordered some items over a month ago only received half of them every time I try and go on my wish account and hit customer support it gives me a error msg saying I have no orders that's how long it's been I keep emailing back hen and the robot keep sending it back I called no answer just keep referring me back to the stupid app it's like I never had any orders witch is a lie I'm really upset I want my money back it has been to long. Thank u

Resident / Boots

Dec 1, 2016

Second time complainting. I bought boot s to small I gave them away. Reordered three more pair and they was to small again. I want a refund please. I love the boots but y'all are sending the wrong size and to send back is a chinese address written in chinese. . I wear a us 11. But ordered a 12 and they fit the same. . I'm not taking s chance on re ordering.

Resident - South Carolina, Greenwood / Customer service

Sep 20, 2015

I live in South Carolina and the other day my grandparents had a tub installed by bath fitters, well when I got there the man was very rude to me and my dog as well. I had to do all I could to bite my tongue when he tried to call our dog a devil dog and the.n I proceeded to tell him he doesn't do well with strangers... Especially mean ones :/ so moral of this story bath fitters is not friendly to all kinds of wild life so keep your animals away or they will be scaulded or treated cruelty. It's a shame!!

Resident / bill enquiry

Dec 10, 2014

Dear sir m new consumer having account number 7760332176 I would like to bring in your kind notice that its the responsibility of sewa to send bill on time I am residing in new bldg they were not sending us bill since 3 months now I got bill but without reading a official came took reading then orderde me to go sewa to take bill I went there with bill than they were asking for contract than I went again along wirh contract than they said some error come after two days now I checked my bill its 550 but m unable to see detailed bill I was not here in flat its a studio flat only two persons m...