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Jul 28, 2011

I had to have an order held and shipped to another address. it took over a week to get them to respond. they finally said they'd changed the address. it took them another several days to get them to respond again and actually ship my order. they sent it to the wrong address and lost it. i've tried to work with them on recovering the order and getting it re-shipped, but they're adamant that the mis-shipment was my fault. the contact form on the website is often broken and they refuse to provide a way for me to contact them reliably. they seem oblivious to the log of all the messages we've exchanged. / Great Products, Service Lacking

Jul 12, 2011

i've dealt with this company a number of times and always had great service. also, their products are outstanding. my problem stemmed from the fact that i had to ask them to hold an order. they did so, and when i contacted them with the updated shipping information the said that they'd gotten it. then nothing for a week... i sent a number of messages to them asking them what the status of my order was and finally got a response in which they basically said that it was my fault because i'd asked them to hold my order in the first place. now, today, the package was delivered to the wrong...