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Resales By Owner Complaints & Reviews

Resales By Owner - New Hampshire, Goshen / Nothing happening


I too, sent them $500 upfront with assurance they were not like the other company I was scammed by. They assured me that even in this economy I had a very desirable timeshare. I received a call at work on my cell with another person saying they had someone there who wanted my timeshare, but I needed to give them close to $10, 000 to close the deal. This is with an asking price of $21, 000? I called back my salesperson and was told they had someone who was interested but could not get financed, and that the economy was really making it tough to sell right now. Some different than the previou...

Resales By Owner / scam


I was talked into paying an upfront fee to sell my timeshare. The sales person was very nice and excited saying they will have to fight off buyers. It has been over a year, and I have not received one offer! I have called and called, with usually a rude receptionist saying there is no manager on duty. JI is the sales person who will sometimes return my call or email, and tell me she is working on it, but nothing happens. Buyers BEWARE this is a scam you will not hear back or get any offer. I have been trying to call the company the last few days, and the mailbox is full. I have certainly learned my lessen, to never trust these type of companies and to NEVER pay an upfront fee. R Duke