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Reputation Defender Complaints & Reviews

Reputation Defender / Avoid them at all costs

Mstr12 on Apr 11, 2011

Reputation Defender spend more money on burrying their own complaints than they do their customers. They are a huge bait and switch company. Hey Reputation Defender! If you are so good at removing bad links, see if yo can have this one removed! can not even remove their own complaints and reptation defender reviews that are bad. How can they help you??? Avoid them at all cost! They will rob yo uand take your money and only put in 3 hours of work! At the rate they charge yo are paying $500 an hour for nothing! What a scam - all of you reputation defenders online are...

Reputation Defender - Kentucky, Louisville / Michael Fertik Fraud

Michael Fertik at Reputation Defender is a scam artist. Don't fall for his tactics. The internet is full of blogs made by Michael Fertik and his employees made to look as if Reputation Defender has a lot of good stisfied clients, it's all a scam! Reputation Defender can't remove any of the posts find by google about you. I have a daughter who posted in her private page personal information about her thinking that only her friends would be able to see it. Long and be hold a month later the entire school saw it and she was rediculed to a point where she didn't want to go to...

Reputation Defender / Scam


I have a big time issue with This is the worst company I have ever worked with. Reputation Defender is condescending, disrespectful, and they do not know how to do SEO work! simply as that. They make you promises and talk the big talk but, do not follow through and NOT ONE PROMISE is kept. Unfortunately you've already lost thousands of dollars by then, trusting all the hog wash and excuses. We have lost money with ReputationDefender, and NO, they don't have a money back guarantee. Reputation Defender is in this only for the money they don't care about the client.