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Reply - California / leads

Feb 24, 2011

Please, whatever you do, do not purchese real estate leads from this company! they have all been like a cold call situation. The clients (that I was accually able to get in touch with)have no idea that you will be calling. Some of the leads where down right rude. I was given leads with the wrong ph numbers. Every lead that I bought from this company was a bad lead (not one good one). You would be better off going to the casino, at least you can smell the smoke, and get a free drink on the house. ha ha, but really not funny. I have been trying to get a refund, however I figure that I have a...

Reply - California, San Ramon / Scam/Fraud


This company is so scandalous. They contact you to sign up, saying that if you can't contact the lead that they send, send it back no questions asked and you won't be charged for it. I decided, what the heck ... I'll try it out. Well, doesn't work like that at all. They give you a very difficult time if you want to send back the lead. I was told I couldn't send back the lead and would be charged $54 because my reason was not in compliance to their terms. So, I cancelled 2 days into my experience. However, they did not cancel my acct and I had $300+ charged. I have been...