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May 1, 2011

I purchased 2 refurbished Samsung Propel cellphones. One is working fine. The other is not. I have contacted the company, filled out the required form and waited. Repeated phone calls go unreturned. When I call the number, I leave a message each time. While I did recieve on email, the one that told me to fill out the form, that was two weeks ago. I have recieved no direction since then. No phone calls have been returned, either. I want the phone replaced or money returned. (prefer it get fixed.) - New York, Brooklyn / Dead Phone on arrival


Paid $84 dollars for a Pantech phone that arrived DEAD. Requested an RMA within 48 hours. The sent an RMA which I completed the same day and returned.. then I never heard another word from them. 5 emails 3 phone calls. purchased 7/2/2010... I am guessing that's $84 i will never get back WARNING WARNING WARNING !!! Bad products and bad customer service. Spread the Word I will tell everybody i know NOT to buy from these folks M Wright Big Run, PA - New York, Brooklyn / faulty merchandise


I ordered a used/refurbished Nokia cell model 6170b. By the time it arrived, there had been a change in my cell contract situation and I did not need the replacement immediately. It remained in the original shipping box unopened for several months. When I did need it several months later, I discovered that the phone had advertised as fully refurbished and in good operating condition was none of the above. They sold me me an obviously un-refurbished phone, presumably one that the previous owner had sent in for repair, and resold it to me without repairing... - New York, Brooklyn / Scam


I purchased a Samsung Blackjack i607 on July 16, 2008 knowing that I was going to receive a "like new" Blackjack. When I received the phone it would turn on however it would not charge in my car, on my computer or using the wall adapter. I followed their strict return rules, e-mailed them, waited three days, Deena (a customer service rep) responded with a form to fill out. They then sent me a new battery and charger which still did not fix the problem. I e-mailed them again and waited 2 days. Deena sent me another form to fill out and then I mailed back the phone (at my cost). After a week...