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May 22, 2012

Reno is a competitive venue for musicians and the work is all but dried up these days. It is hard to find a good paying gig even for the best of us. is a website that promotes a good guitarist, but the woman who owns the site, Sylvia rossi, has the habit of going around spamming other websites to help promote that guitarist This is a dirty practice, because guitar playing or any music playing should be judged on the quality of the playing, and not the false information being promoted by the woman who is shacking up with the guitarist on the website. Rene Best is a... / It's not really Rene's website

May 21, 2012

I played music with Rene for many years and collaborated on original songs that are omitted on this site. When I asked Rene about it, he said that it's not his site, that it belongs to Sylvia (his girlfriend) and that she has total control over it. So it's not really Rene's website. He's a much better player than is represented on this site and it's not a fair representation of his total body of work.