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Registry Patrol Complaints & Reviews

Registry Patrol / Scam


After purchasing Registry Patrol on Jun 11, 2010, I followed all of the instructions and downloaded the software. After the download I did not receive an Unlock Key Code. It took four emails and 10 days before someone sent me a link that was suppose to solve my problem. Needless to say that didn't work either. The link provided a version that only partially work and never solved the problems it found. I attempted to use the contact and help buttons and they didn't work at all. Of course there are no phone numbers listed to contact support only email addresses. They tell you that...

Registry Patrol - British Columbia, Edmonton / Faulty Product / Overbilled


I recently purchased a software package online via PayPal (Sep 21, 2009 $40.93) and have several complaints regarding the transaction. 1) I was overcharged. The price has now been changed online from my actual purchase date although I do have a screen capture showing the price at $27.95 2) I am not able to unlock the software as specified and although I was sent the code it does not accept it 3) My repeated requests for answers to my concerns have gone unanswered other than an automated reply "12-24 hour support response time" and yet the ad claims 100% satisfaction. I've been ripped off!!