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Refinance Complaints & Reviews

Refinance - Washington, Bellevue / Horrible service


(Pacific Finance Group LLC) service is horrible. They submit my loan for a lender, but didn't give me any information, even when I called, they only said that they are working on it. After more than 2 months, I ask why it is take so long, that said that, they submit the another lender a few week ago. They didn't even inform me, and the rate go down since I locked. I think if they submit the loan again the should let me know and give me a current rate.

Refinance - Florida / got rippeed off


I started the process to refinance my home loan through Citimortgage to get a better rate and thus lower my monthly payment. I was struggling to make the payments of over $1700/month on a $180, 000 loan at 6.75%. The sent me to WCS Lending for the refinance. They are located in Florida and I am in Texas. After months and several 100's of dollars to pay for a appraisal. They offered me a 5.37% loan that would cost me $10, 000 in fees. It lowered my payment to $1585/month. So I took it. Six months later they have an AHA moment. They were not charging me enough escrow. Even though they had...