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Reed Financial Services Complaints & Reviews

Reed Financial Services / Scam

May 24, 2011

I received this email from Reed Financial Services responding to my resume about a receptionist position I had applied to. They informed me that their office in my area was delayed about 45 days, but they had a home-based business opportunity for me. I read it at first, and it sounded legit. I re-read it, then saw there were many typos in the letter, like English wasn't his first language. I remember watching a segment on Dateline about internet business scams. These people are based out of Nigeria, and the rappers there have music videos about how stupid Americans are for falling for...

Reed Financial Services / SCAM, SCAM, SCAM


I was recently contacted with a "job offer" from "Reed Financial Services". I am writing this to tell everyone that this is a complete scam. I looked up the address for this "company" and nowhere in any search did the "company" show up at the address their website provides. They offered me a "receptionist" position, but did not tell me where this "new office" would be located. They also said their office had been "delayed" and I would have to start part-time until they "opened the office". I spoke with a gentleman, who asked several times for my banking information, and said that was the only...