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Receivables Performance Management Complaints & Reviews

Receivables Performance Management / Rotten Collectors

May 15, 2011

RPM is another third party collector. Back in December, without ever contacting me, they called my father and demanded that he pay for a bill they claim I have with them from Verizon. Initially they told my Father, who said he was not me, that they were actually Verizon, and if he didn't pay them for my supposed debt they were going to sue him. Naturally my Father freaked out, and read me the riot act. After 8 months of disputing this supposed Verizon Debt (the account was paid in full over 4 years ago) they pawned it off onto a different third party collector. Meanwhile, Verizon refuse...

Receivables Performance Management - Washington, Bothell / Harassing phone calls for phony debt


We were getting constant hangups from this number for the past week or so...when I answered ti would hang up... so I just called 703-291-9039 and they answered with "RPM"--I told the woman I was getting hangups and it should stop immediately and she asked for our phone number...when I gave it to her, she gave me a name that was my married name 20 years ago... then said that we had a bill in arrears with Verizon and gave me a phone number and address that i had never heard of that she said was the phone number for the bill in arrears. The first name of the person was different from my first...