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Real Estate Promoter / Scam charges


I ordered RealtyTrac Trial and canceled it within 5 days. RealtyTrac gave my American Express card number to Real Estate Promoter without my authorization. They posted three charges within ten days: 44.95, 44.95 and 39.95. They told me that American Express made a mistake and should have been charging me for the past three months. That is why I am seeing three charges at once. They said that they would refund one month and I am responsible for the other two month charges. From other reports on the internet, they have been telling other consumers the same story. Posting promptly one month charge...

Real Estate Promoter / Unauthorized charges


We recently signed up for Realtytrak and cancelled our service within 2 months. I logged into my account to cancel the service and completed the cancellation process as instructed. Unfortunatley, I didn't save the cancellation authorization e-mail because monthly charge appeared on my credit card statement a month later. When I contacted Realty Trac, they instructed me that they wouldn't be able to trace the problem without a confirmation number and they instruced me to cancel the service again - after they collected another month in fees. To top it off, RealtyTrac gave my credit...

Real Estate Promoter / Unauthorized Charge


I did sign up for Realty Trac, Inc. I did not authorize or sign up for a partner agreement with Real Estate Promoter. I do not like the fact that my credit card number is issued to someone else (ie. Real Estate Promoter). I am attempting to dispute this charge on my credit card. I am not aware of any e-mail communication from Real Estate Promoter and am not interested in their service.