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Real Arcade Game Pass Complaints & Reviews

Real Arcade Game Pass - Alberta / Real Arcade Game Pass


I signed up for a Real Arcade GAme Pass in April and on my July bill they still attempted to deduct money. I see a reversal so I hope they have stopped but to make sure they don't bilk me of any more money I called my credit card company to do a stop payment type thing. But a company should be on the up and up that when you cancel it is cancelled. I will NEVER buy a game pass ever again for Real arcade or otherwise I have been ripped off and as much as I like games and playing the full versions I don't feel that being ripped off is worth it! Don't ever buy one! It sounds like a good deal but not when they cheat you of money.

Real Arcade Game Pass - Washington / money from ck account


Real arcade has been taking money ($10.00) each month from my checking account for the last 2 year's and now i want to close out this game account and they won't respond. This withdrawl from my checking account happen's on or about the 20th of the month so i've already lost $10.00 for January. I don't have a phone # or address for these people. My name is Lorelei Burkhalter Address: 310 railroad Avenue #10 Clear Lake South Dakota 57226 Is there anything i can do to get out of this other than close out my checking account?

Real Arcade Game Pass / Unauthorized credit card charges


I have no idea how to stop being charged by this company each month on my credit card. My bank tries to block it but couldn't. They told me to do a search on internet for this company. The search only has this site. Please help. I've been paying $15 a month for a few years now and don't know what to do!!!