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Aug 26, 2016

I have a student in my class which was very mad at me and he posted a negative disgusting review about me on The student I'm talking about always missed my classes, never did his homework, and it's obvious that he always received bad grades. He was really mad and all the time he said he deserved better grades. I know who the student was and I said nothing to him. I contacted Ratemyteacher customer service and asked them to remove the review but they refused and said they can't do that. I'm so disappointed. / I find it totally insulting and a disgrace


This website is a disgrace. It is devastating to good teachers to have their names slandered online by students anonymously. If they think the teacher is so bad why don't they face them. It shows exactly what kind of students they are. It seems to me that only the ones who have negative things to say use your website. My good students are appalled at these others who are unable to face the fact that they are responsible if they don't get what they should out of a class. I try very hard to help my students succeed. My record stands for itself. In the four years that I have worked at...