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Ramsey county jail Complaints & Reviews

Ramsey county jail / first time going to jail

Jan 18, 2014

This was my first time going to adult jails in my whole life and i am 22 years old. i went to ramsey county jail on december 27th friday at 1:30Am in the morning. when i was there i requested a male guard to do the patt downs and strip shearches on me and talk to me. but i was forced to do the first patt down with a female guard but after that they walked me to a strip shearching cell and then six female guards came in yelling at me and ordering me to take my clothes off and stand there naked one had a tazor pointed at me and i said no i want a male guard to do any strip shearches or nudity on...

Ramsey county jail / six female guards sexually abused me in booking entrance

Dec 29, 2013

on friday morning at 1:AM i was trying to sleep in the skylevel on cedar ave downtown st.apul in minnesota and a security guard came and told me i had to leave the skyway because he was closeing every thing up and locking doors. i asked if i could stay in skyway tell 5:am in the morning then i would leave. i could not leave cause it was cold out its winter it was like 13 degrees out side and i had no where else to go i am homeless. shelters and every other place was closed. the two male police officers hand cuffed me and put me in jail but when i got to jail there was about 6 female guard...