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Quixtar Complaints & Reviews

Quixtar / Quixtar Scam


I have been apart of Leadership Team Development for Several years, & it has been the best experience of my life. I have made more money then ever. And now my wife & I don't have to go to work anymore. Yeah!! No more driving in rush hour. She used to work for the governement (full of lazy people going nowhere, wasting Tax payers money) - parasite. Then she quit that & worked for a fortune 10 company, because her friends told her it pays better. It sure did, but then they make you like work 10-15 hr days with so much pressure, while her bosses where out doing "lunches etc", golfing. Whow...

Quixtar / Terrible experience


I purchased an online for an order of $486.02 on 10/06/2008 and Fedex claimed that it was delivered on 10/08/2008 around which time I was already at work. The order confirmation stated that for Fedex a signature is required, however, the Fedex delivery decided to leave by the garbage can in front of the house and file on his report that he left it on the porch. I do not have a porch. When I arrived home and retrieved the delivery door tag, went to check by the garbage as per the instructions only to find that their was no package. I asked neighbors, and anyone I thought that might have signed...

Quixtar - South Carolina, Columbia / Fraud and scam


It angers me when unscrupulous people will act like your friend during the process of trying to rip you off. I am a busy college student who works a typical retail job to finance my typical college boy activities. During a long weekend shift, I was approached by a respectable looking young man who needed help finding a gift for his wife. I was busy as usual, but I had no problem helping him find something. Now I wish I just ignored him like I usually do. After helping this seemingly polite young man, he asked me what I was studying in school. I casually told him that I was a Marketing and Finance...