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Quentina Chambers Complaints & Reviews

Quentina Chambers - Illinois, Quincy / SCAMMER and EMBEZZLER

Dec 19, 2013

QUENTINA CHAMBERS [protected] Quentina Chambers, of Quincy Illinois -- is a SCAMMER and DEFRAUDER. Quentina Chambers works online SCAMMING and DEFRAUDING people regularly. She EMBEZZLEs money and attempts to against Multiple people. She has been recorded STEALING, SCAMMING and trying to EMBEZZLE money from people, mostly online. In some instances for significant amounts of money and for SEVERAL HUNDREDs of DOLLARS. Causing untold HAVOC and PROBLEMS for people and businesses ALL OVER. In one instance, the FBI investigated her, as well as the local Courts. Quentina Chambers should not...

Quentina Chambers / SCAMMER/DEFRAUDER

Dec 19, 2013

QUENTINA CHAMBERS QUINCY ILLINOIS -- SCAMMER AND DEFRAUDER QUENTINA CHAMBERS, From Quincy Illinois -- Is an online THEFT Defrauder. Quentina has scammed and EMBEZZLED hundreds of dollars from people online. She has done this multiple times, and has even been caught, yet still continues. In once instance Quentina tried to STEAL dn DEFRAUD somone online, to the point that she was reported to the FBI and the local courts as well, creating havoc and MASSIVE problems for people. Quentina Chambers, should not be trusted in any job with anything financial, money related, or valuable. She is a PROVEN...