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Purrfect Auto Service Complaints & Reviews

Purrfect Auto Service / Rip off

Feb 14, 2011

Went in for oil change was told that i needed new valve cover gaskets just had them done when back to sun auto they told me that purfect rip off sprayed oil all over the engine to look like it was leaking. this place should be put out of business. companies like this make the whole industry look terrible think how much money they are ripping off people who do not knoe that nothing is wrong with there car this is the purfect auto on fort apache and tropicana who ever owns this place should have there license taken away or there shoud be a fraud unit that shuts places like this down.

Purrfect Auto Service / Don't take your car there


No Joke They will rip you off!! I took my car here for a water pump and manifold intake gasket change. By the time they were done My car was shutting off on its own. Told me I needed all this extra work done, that they "fixed". P.s. Never had any issues before i took it there. Next thing i know I have to get my car towed somewhere else because they cant fix anything. They were rude and @ this point I'm positive they are not qualified at all!! They swore only the GM dealer could fix it. Lies. It's fixed from the other shop

Purrfect Auto Service - Nevada, Henderson / RipOff! Bogus charges!


I took my car to Purrfect Auto to get a diagnosis of my engine to check the compression because it lost power and has rough idle. I tried changing the spark plugs, but could not remove because they were too tight. They told me in order to complete the diagnosis, they would need to remove the valve cover and would cost another $150. I said to do it. They came back to me and said the engine is shot and needs a new one for $4, 500 or a used one for $2, 200. I told them I was going to pick the car up and I hung up. They called back saying they could get it running for another $300 and I told them...