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Purrfect Auto Complaints & Reviews

Purrfect Auto / Scam


Customer BEWARE! Purrfect Auto in La Habra, California, offers coupons and low price oil changes to get you in the door. Once you are there they tell you need (not recommend) other services and parts. The worst part is that they do NOT perform some of those services and/or install the parts BUT they do charge you for them. This location has been closed before and reopened but same problems. This is not something new to this company. Do a search and you will see that 11 other Perrfect Auto locations in Las Vegas were raided by the IRS for the same scheme. BEWARE!

Purrfect Auto / Awful company


About a month ago, I took my car to this shop to get a tune-up and brakes done. I have been a customer for this particular shop for a number of years, and recently it has been under new management... of which stinks to high heaven. When it comes to cars, I am ignorant. I will be the first to admit that. In the past, the previous owner worked with me and taught me a lot about what kind of maintenance work that I need done and how often. I naively expected the same thing with the new management. WRONG!!! When I get my car back from the shop, my brakes were still 'squeeking.' I thought nothing of it...