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Jul 05, 2012

I ordered two trial products on the understanding that if not satisfied I could return the products within 15 days. The products took over 15 days to arrive and in the meantime various unauthorised payments for products were deducted from my credit card. Receipts for these products show the name (who is not contactable). Two jars of skin cream show the name Pure Collagen and a third shows the name Juveneu. To further complicate matters my credit card shows deductions for these products by companies that come under various names that being, Juveneu and... / Stay away from this one

Jun 07, 2012

I was contacted via phone in May by one who said they were from GRSV. and asked how I liked their books. I told them I have not recieved any books. At this time the lady said I was a perfered customer. and offered a $1000.00 online shopping gift if I Continued with thier sevice. I asked the lady, WHAT sevice???, as I have not recieved any mechadise from them in the first place. She then went on to ask me what type of books / Magazines I liked. She read off a list and I told her witch books were of intrest to me. That same month I recieved my Bank statement and $38.00 was deducted for payment...