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Purecleanse Complaints & Reviews

Purecleanse - England, Channel Islands, Jersey, St Brelade / Charged three times, for items I didn't order


Hello. I recently signed up for a Free trial, and was led to believe that the one and only payment would be for postage. However, I have since been charged three times on my credit card. I am not happy about this. I did not order these products. I have since had to replace my credit cards with new ones, as advised by my Bank. Please would you refund the £166.73 that you have charged me. (The three amounts that I have been charged were for £55.68, £54.51, £56.54) Thank you for your assistance, and I look forward to receiving my refund. Please do not make any further deductions from my card. I do not wish to order any products. Yours Faithfully Dave Hamon.

Purecleanse - Idaho / Can't reach to cancel


Ordered "Free Trial". Tried to cancel and found the website gone. Checking my CC charge and a different name was used. Been alerted by Fraud dept at bank that they or one of the other 3 I ordered were trying to put through a charge of 87.60. Again it was under another name not related to the original charge. This whole Acai Berry/Colon Cleanse "Free Trial" is a SCAM!! I had to cancel two credit cards and await new ones to avoid these crooks!! If you want to try the berry or colon cleanse, go to a reliable online source like Vitacost or, better yet, your local Health Food Store! Fortunately...