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Pure Essentials Complaints & Reviews

Pure Essentials - Idaho / steeling money


I have had it with you people! You have now STOLEN over $181 from my checking account for something I refused a minimum of 3 times in a phone call. Get my money back to me IMMEDIATELY! And add an extra $32 for causing me to have a bounced check! You are ### on slime as far as I'm concerned and my next step is to report you to the Attorney General of Idaho and of the United States. You are nothing but a common criminal taking money from people even when they don't want your crap.

Pure Essentials / Dishonest company


I fell for the same "Teeth Whitening" ad on a website that I was on. I ordered and paid for two products. $2.49 for one and .99 for the 2nd. This was on July 28, 09 on Aug 8 I received a letter in the mail from Pure Essentials Company also known to me as the "Scam Outfit" saying I have been charged $89 and will be charged $94 a month. I immediately called Chase Bank and had them put this Scam Company on the do not pay list, however they said the $89 was charged earlier. They are working with me in trying to get my $89 back. I called the Scam Co. and actually spoke with a nice woman who gave me...

Pure Essentials - California, orange ct 06477 / credit card fraud


after ordering a free sample from vribrant whiting and canceling it. I got an order from pure essentials and $93.95 wascharged to my credit card. they said they had no message that I had cancelled my order. vibrenting whitening said they had only charged me with the sample. pure said they would only refund me about $40 dollars. they had to pass on my credit card number.

Pure Essentials - Connecticut, Orange / Fraud


they sent me a sample for $2.49. It arrived 9 days later. I was to try it for 5 days and then cancel. the item burned my month and did nothing so I called to return or stop any shipments. They gave me a cancel number but charged me $89. They now tell my credit card company that the $89 was for the sample. They had told me that if I wanted the item it would be $89 for a month of the product. I canceled to stop the product that they said was already shipped but that was not a fact as I never received the product that I would have sent back anyway. do not use this product.

Pure Essentials - Kansas / non delivery of sample


I ordered a free sample of Brite Teeth Pro for a shipping charge of $2.49. My account was charged the $2.49 shipping fee but I never received the sample. I now see that my account has been charged an additional $89.00, and still no sample. I contacted my bank today and they inform me that this is a well known Internet scam. I have contacted the Kansas City BBB, and the Kansas State Attorney General's office concerning this complaint. At this time I am requesting a full refund of $91.49. Kenneth Von Uht 8417 W. 113th. Terrace Overland Park, KS. 66210

Pure Essentials / brite teeth pro


For all those that got suckered into the Brite Teeth Pro/Pure essentials Scam I have a number for you to call to cancel before the 14 days. My wonderful bank (they are looking out for my best interest) was polite enough to give me a phone number to call these people. I rerturned the product within the 12 days and they still charged me the $89.00. I called this number and explained that I sent them a cancellation in writing and they still fought with me. Be aware the the customer service people are not easy to get along with. I was on hold for 10 minutes before someone picked up.Here is the...