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Pure Cleanse Pro Complaints & Reviews

Pure Cleanse Pro - New York, Buffalo / Took money out of my account wamt it put back


I ordered the 14 day trial for Cleans Pro and Garcinia Advanced. I cancelled in the time allotted, but my credit card was charged already. They claimed that it was too late. So, I absorbed the first charges but cancelled via email and on their website. However, Cleans Pro charged me again and sent me another bottle. I returned it immediately and then contacted my financial institution to dispute the claim. I have tried to contact Cleans Pro directly, as the only contact information I had was through Garcinia. The numbers on the bottle are fake! This company is a SCAM!!! Does anyone have a legitimate number or website for this company?

Pure Cleanse Pro - New South Wales, Sydney / Money back

On the 23rd of August 2009, I ordered Acai Berry trail support and i paid it from my credit card at the same time on the same website i read about the Pure Cleanse Product trial support i ordered for one but i received a message said "Sorry we can't support you because you have already ordered a product or similer - something like that. As i am interesting in the Purecleanse i noticed a notice for sale of pure cleanse i can't remember for how long but it cost us$119.02 so i ordered for it but also i received the same message "Sorry we can't..." .I ordered one in the name of my...

Pure Cleanse Pro - Iowa, Des Moines / Unauthorized charges


They claim to have a risk free trial. However, this is definitely not the case. I was sent a supply and was told I had 14 days to decide to continue or cancel my account. Well, I was not satisfied as it did not work, so I called and closed my account. I asked if I would be charged anything else and I was told no. However, 10 days later I was charged $58.76. When I called to find out why, I was told that even though it was a 14 day trial, they actually sent a 30 day supply, so because I didn't return the unused pills (which I was never told to do when I closed my account), I was charged...

Pure Cleanse Pro / Free trial Scam

They gave out my information and so now I have all their affiliates calling me more than once a day, and asking for my credit card info in the first two sentences they're speaking with me. The so called free trial cost me $30, ... so far. I hope that after cancelling no more charges will appear. I learned a huge lesson about the internet. If I need anything like this I can go to a local store, ...way safer!

Pure Cleanse Pro - Minnesota / Scam rip off of your bank accounts

This is a complete rip off!!! I have fought with this company for weeks!!! They don't responde to this website contact either. Let me forward more poor reviews for you to see. They don't care about customer satisfaction. Evidentally their 59. 95 is more important to them. Oh, and they don't have supervisors to talk to either. I am scheduling a conference call with 40 of my coworkers to hear their scam out loud!!! Wait until that mushrooms!!! They won't have customers from our town!!! I too have not received my product after 1 month but they were sure to take my money 1st...

Pure Cleanse Pro / Wont let me cancel

This makes me SICK!! I too am a victim of this company. I ordered the trial and called to cancel so I wouln't be charged the membership fee of $149.95. When I called they were having technical difficulties and asked that you leave a message. I tried over and over to get throught with no luck. Finally I left a message and begged them to make sure it was cancelled ... gave them all of my information in the message. I was charged the $149.95 yesterday on my debit card!! I called today to speak with them and get it refunded and was told that they had never gotten my message and "they were...

Pure Cleanse Pro - Queensland / Money taken from a/c no product recieved

I ordered Pure cleanse pro product from web paid 28/4/09 $35.61 and got one bottle THEN on the 19/5/09 another $78.40 has been charged to my credit card and I have not received another bottle as yet on the 11/6/09

Pure Cleanse Pro - Ohio, Cincinnati / Unathorized charges

I ordered the free trial and thought i cancelled it aand now everyone of their affiliates are charging me. I keep cancelling them and more companies keep charging me. I thought if i cancelled pure cleanse everyone affiliated with them would be cancelled. Is there a way to stop this

Pure Cleanse Pro / Do not buy!!!

Hi, i ordered my pure acai berry & pure cleanse pro capsules from an ad off facebook and on the 7th day received both. When i contacted acai berry to cancel i was successful, however i could not get through to pure cleanse pro!! I called the (888) number on their website no luck at all, the products came with a (1800) number for customers calling from austarlia but still nothing!! I even called all through the day and night thinking noone is answering due to time difference. Then two days later they charged me for my trial $90aus. I then called my bank and they blocked them and now i am stre...