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Publishers Guide Complaints & Reviews

Publishers Guide - California / Can I just don't pay them

Nov 18, 2011

Can I just don't pay them? I have enough to pay so much money for magazine I don't need, they just don't have what I need. And also, I don't know I have too pay for 1000dollar for those magazine when I sigh up. I know that for 1month after I sign by getting the mail, and start to get magazine after 3month! This demon, how can they exist in America!? I can't believe such a company using Overlord treaty can stand in America!! Please tell me if it's save for ignore them. Here is my phone (310) 938 4625

Publishers Guide / We kept on receiving the magazines and bills without ordering them

Oct 26, 2011

My husband received a call over a year ago from this "business". He said that he never subscribed to these magazines. We kept on receiving the magazines and bills. We called to cancel our subscription and were told we couldn't without making a substantial payment. We said no. And they kept lowering the amount of the payment to cancel the subscription. We told them that we knew this was a scam and would not pay and demanding that they cancel our subscription. We also asked for records of any sort to be sent to us and they said no. Eventually, after we said we would not pay enough times the...

Publishers Guide - Alabama / Scam Business


I received a call offering a number of magazines for a fee and signed up under the false pretext that the fee was a once every six month charge. Instead, I was being charged $55 every month for magazines that didn't show for three months. The only way to cancel is within ten days of signing up, the details of which are enclosed in a letter you won't get for two weeks. I've attempted to cancel my subscription, but they tell me it's impossible unless I pay them a $300 fee for early cancellation. To top it off, my card number happened to have been thefted right afterward and started...

Publishers Guide - Florida, Tamarac / Canceling my order


I have the same darn problem! I've been trying to get my "subscription" cancelled and I can't get in contact with them and the thing is, I DIDN'T EVEN ORDER ANY DARN MAGAZINES!! Supposedly I was a customer since I was 13 years old...I'm 19 now and I have never once got a "magazine" or a call from them. And how could I be a customer since I was 13?! So they accepted a credit card number and social security from an under age child without the consent of her parents! They withdrew money from my bank account AND NOW I HAVE -$161 !! Being a stuggling college kid, now I have to...