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Publishers Business Services Complaints & Reviews

Publishers Business Services / Fraud and scam


I received a call AT MY JOB (like most others here) from someone conducting a short survey. Questions asked were how old I was, where I lived, how long I've worked there. Only like five questions. For answering these questions, I was to receive a great deal on FIVE magazine subscriptions. She went on to explain the 'deal' and how I'd be saving a LOT of money on all these magazines. It would cost $2.31 a week for FIVE magazines. She explained the cost, and how I'd pay, still explaining how it was a great huge savings. I have gotten these calls before for other thing...

Publishers Business Services - South Carolina, Myrtle Beach / magazine scam


this company called my job and i answered the phone . i tried telling them that i would transfer them to a manager and they said i could complete the survey. well i got suckered into their scam but not for long.i will be taking care of this tomorrow after reading reports from the federal trade commission that they have a lawsuit against them for this same thing.

Publishers Business Services - Florida, Altamonte Springs / Scam to get money from me


This company initially contacted me several weeks ago trying to get me to buy some magazines from them. I kept telling the rep that I did not want to participate in any discount program and that did not want to receive any magazines that I had to pay for. The rep told me that the magazines were free of charge and that I could cancel at any time. What the rep didn't tell me was that there was no way to cancel without paying a ridiculous $125 cancellation fee. The good people at PBS called me today and played a very highly edited recording of me "agreeing" to accept their magazines (again, thi...