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Public Motors Complaints & Reviews

Public Motors / Unfair business practices


Public Motors is withholding refunds from a cancelled gap insurance policy that was cancelled over 4 months ago. They are also withholding the refund on the extended warranty (cancelled over 30 days ago). This dealership owes me $1, 604. Sally (Consumer Service Manager) is of no help. She sent me an email stating I would be paid in full after the first of the year. She claims the dealership is having financial difficulties. I'm afraid they will go out of business before I get my money. I cancelled the gap insurance on 8/26/09. Was told by Sally that they would refund me in 45 days. I...

Public Motors / Bait and switch with &carfax& report


Public Motors display a "carfax" sheet on the window of their cars for "auction" but cannot really confirm if it is indeed the real thing. Bought a car there after reading their "carfax' which listed no known accidents. They would not give me the "carfax"> when I did my own carfax it listed two accidents. I never would have purchased the car if I saw the real thing. I called and asked for the "carfax" they displayed and was told no problem by a guy named "Chance" He said Sally would take car of it-she said she would-now says they do not give their "carfax" to customers- absolute bold face lies and deceitful practices seems to be going on here at Public Motors in my humble opinion.