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ps3 Complaints & Reviews

ps3 - England, Greater London, London / Lost Players

Jan 11, 2014

On my FIFA 13 Ultimate Team I had useful players that i purchased from the live auction store: Giroud, Jonas, Rosicky, Mertersacker, and Michael Dawson. These 80+ rated players helped my Ultimate Team get promoted to Division 4. Things were going well, but didn't have any player contracts. I kept having to buy them with coins and I wasn't saving any at all. Then I decided to sell gold players to get enough coins to get good contacts that lasted more than a match or two. I ended up selling my 3 best attackers, Jonas, Giroud and Rosicky. I had about 1, 500 coins and I got enough coin...

ps3 / Unreliable product

Dec 19, 2011

Well it lasted 8 months what a piece of junk….The Blu ray player died. Then I had to call up tech support and go threw all of the B.S to send to Canada to have it fixed…Got it back in 1 month 10 days great service…Not..Well things made in China just don’t last…Cheap is the word…Sony used to be a good company now run buy greed…Who cares about the people buying our stuff as long as we make money…Put the cheapest junk inside and hope it lasts….Well mine did not last not even a Year…. Well it lasted 8 months what a piece of...

ps3 / refurbished ps3


My daughter was getting out of the hospital from major surgery. We were online and she saw the web sight. It said get a refurbished ps3 for $34.95. It sounded good and she really had it in her mind that she would like it. I wanted to get her something special and she really wanted it. I ordered it August 2, 08 and from the order page it said it would take about 8 to 10 business days to get it to the US office. Then it would take about 2 to 3 days to be shipped out to it's final destination. It's now Aug. 18, 08 and no system. The information on line at times works and at times you can not get to the sight. IT'S A HOAX, KNOW IT AND DON'T GIVE IN TO IT.