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prudential lending group Complaints & Reviews

prudential lending group - New York, New York / scammed out of $995.58


The company claimed my boyfriend was approved for a $5000 loan but he had to show proof that we had up to 5 months of payments. (Keith Bailey was our "loan agent." )He was instructed to make copies of is DL, two check stubs, and a voided check. Then for his proof of having the 5 months worth of payments he was to send a money gram to a family or friend then we were to make a copy of the reciept and fax it to him as well. Before we could get back to pick up the money it was intercepted in Brooklyn New York 45 mins after he sent it to me. When I went to go pick up the money I was told there wa...

prudential lending group - California, Oakhurst / rip off


they said i was approved for a loan but i just had to put down a deposit for collateral because of my credit i followed the instructions but never received the loan money and i never received my deposit back