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Providian Bank Complaints & Reviews

Providian Bank / False debt collection

May 12, 2015

I was first called to my house claiming I owe them 1400 dollars, I never had any cards with Providian, it sounded like a scam, so I hung up. Now they sent me a letter from a collection agency, they have my address and phone number, I just moved there 6 months ago. This has to stop! How can companies have so much power, I never had any cards with them ever, this 100%made up by them!

Providian Bank / Collection Letter


I filed bankruptcy in 1999 and filed against Providian Bank (Chase credit card) and the balance was a little over 1800.00. I received a collection letter today for over $3, 000. What is going on with this company? The collection company is from Portfolio Recovery offering me to pay half of the amount. What am I suppose to do? Are they going to try and collect the money out of my checking account now?

Providian Bank - New York, New York / Judgement Place on Wrong Person


This company have frozen my joint account with my husband. I contacted the company and told them I was never served, and after talking with a Mrs Davis, we realized that this credit card was never mine to begin with. The name is not the same, the address is incorrect, and I never got notified of anything. They advised me to send my drivers license, my social security card, and bank statement and work payments out with them. I again stated this isnt my account, but she told me I would have to deal with that, the only way to get this account unfrozen is to make payment arragement with them. I...