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Prosper Inc Complaints & Reviews

Prosper Inc / Not a good idea for a profitable investment!

Jun 02, 2013

Prosper INC is not a good idea for a profitable investment! The $20K I invested was all of the savings I had left in life and ultimately my home got foreclosed upon. I am not suing anyone nor I am out for revenge for getting duped. I do realize there are two sides of the story and there are no companies without negative comments but if you’ll investigate for a while, you will see that there is nothing good in their business either. I do have some concerns for companies like theis. Prosper INC has many complaints. They charge an upfront fee with a promise that it will be refunded. Instead of...

Prosper Inc / Prosper preys on the unemployed and rips them off

Jul 18, 2012

The name of the company is Prosper. Their website is I was unemployed with very little savings. They promised I could be making $5, 000 a month within a couple of months with an affiliated marketing website. Nothing was farther from the truth. I put a down payment of $600 and then had monthly payments of $173 a month. The total cost was over $2600. That would of been fine if my website was up and running as I was led to believe. Instead I got four 30 min sessions once a week with a trainer and then I was on my own. My web site is not up and running. It is not generating any...

Prosper Inc - Utah, Provo / Scam

Sep 07, 2011

These professional scammers got me too, after telling them I hadn't had any work for 6 months and no money to invest, and was about to lose everything, they talk Us into maxing out our 2 credit cards by paying $9000 to join there ecommerce coaching, and told us that we can reach our 1st year goals of $60, 000 easily and be bringing in money in 30-45 days if we committed 10 hours a week. I spent over 80 hours a week, for 3 weeks, and they tried to get me to purchase another $5700 on a website, a suppliers of drop shippers names, & Accountant, these all were to be Affiliates and not...