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Pronto Chargers Complaints & Reviews

Pronto Chargers / Don't buy from them


I personally read all of the negative reviews about them, but it was really cheap compared to any of the other chargers I had found, so I ordered one anyways. It took me a month to get it! I was so furious.. they told me many lies along the way.. but I was just glad I finally got my charger (some people say they never received one).. So i considered myself lucky and guessed that I got what I paid for. That was only about four months ago. Well the other day, my computer stopped working! The battery had fried because guess what, they sent me the wrong charger!! It worked on my computer, so I...

Pronto Chargers / Beware


This company has the worst business practices of any I have dealt with over the Internet. I ordered a charger and paid for next business day delivery. They sent it second business day delivery and it didn't get here before I left on a trip. After much haggling they agreed to refund my account if I returned the charger. Fedex returned it months ago and I have made numerous inquiries of the company regarding the status of my refund. Each time I get a message saying they will be back to me in one business day but they never have.

Pronto Chargers / Robbers


I ordered a replacement charger and was told that I could pay $20.00 and they would ship the charger out immediatley or I could pay nothing and wait for a shipping label and return the defective charger at which time my replacement would be sent. I opted to pay the fee since I needed my computer. Over a week went by and I received no charger. I spoke with a supervisor, Fiaz Pirani, who said he would refund my $20. LIARS!!! they took my money for a service they did not perform...BEWARE IF YOU MAKE A PURCHASE FROM THIS SO CALLED COMPANY.

Pronto Chargers / Scam


Found a cheap a/c adapter online at Prontochargers. Wasn't going to buy it because there was no phone number. When I told the online agent I wasn't going to buy, SUDDENLY someone offered 2 numbers and promised to get it to my business destination on time. It arrived when I was already at my next destination. I had to pay to mail it back to me. Finally I got it out of the box at my final destination only to see the wires were exposed. I had 3 phone numbers an no one answered my calls. One clod decided to answer a call and asked how I got these phone numbers then told me I had to call the 'warehouse' only to be told I have to pay to mail it back. So much for my cheap online purpose.