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Projector Export Complaints & Reviews

Projector Export - Oregon / Insults and very rude language


I ordered a TV back in 2008 and cancelled the order after one day when the caller from Projector Export tried to talk me into a cheaper product with a higher price. When I cancelled he called me a cheap dick and an ###. When I told him that I know that he and this company are a fraud and asked him how he can sleep at night he responded that he sleeps on millions of dollars.

Projector Export / Rip off


I ordered a Panasonic plasma TV on 7-25-08 that was said to be in stock. I received an email that stated that I needed to contact the verification department to confirm my order. I contacted a representative from Projector Export and they stated that the TV that I ordered was not in stock but would offer me a Samsung PN50A550SPK Pro Kit for an additional $200.00 or I could wait for 4-6 weeks for the original TV that I wanted to come in. I agreed and awaited the delivery of the TV. The TV arrived on approx 8-5-08. I had a TV installation company in my area install the TV while I was at work...

Projector Export - Massachusetts / Sale & delivery


BE FORWARNED……… I ordered a 46 inch TV for what I considered a great price. I've watched items like this bounce around in price $300-400, so I assumed that I had lucked out, and placed my order. There was a $29 shipping charge. The website said 'In stock, usually ships in 2-3 business days.’ I was also quoted a 3-4 week delivery, which I thought to be long (I expected up to 2 weeks), but I was in no hurry so it didn't bother me. Now, I know that an item this size isn't going anywhere for $29, so I thought this to be a 'paperwork' fee, and...

Projector Export - New York, New York / Bait & switch


I wanted a new TV. Their site said in stock and On Sale!! I ordered and then I got an email saying to call for confirmation. I did. The TV I ordered was now OUT OF STOCK! But they had a new model just out and it was only $100 more and was better than the one I ordered. Tried to get me to buy a lower model!!! NOT A NEWER, BETTER MODEL, for MORE MONEY!! SCAMMERS!!