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Prohealth Complaints & Reviews

Prohealth - New York, Lake Success / sono

Sep 11, 2017

I arrived about 10 minutes late to Pro Health 2800 Marcus Ave Lake Success. I had drank about 16 oz of water, I signed on to the front desk. They were clearly disorganized and unfriendly. I asked I really an uncomfortable she told me to sit down people were before me. I understood. But when a guy who walked in after me went in before me. I went backup to the desk and asked when I am going in. Then I got called in 30 minutes later. Then the obnoxious technician has the nerve to say well you were a half hour late. No i was not. I was 10 minutes late. So she punished me being uncomfortable for...

Prohealth - Florida, Melbourne / loud music

Oct 16, 2013

prohealth is a gym center in Melbourne and Viera. Some classes are so loud that I can never try them. It is impossible to ask the trainers to lower the sound. The manager said he will speak to the trainers but no result after 1 year. I am going to be deaf and nobody cares. It is everywhere like that NJ, NYC etc...It is very dangerous for our health .