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Product / guess sunglasses

Mar 20, 2018

I am very unhappy about my sunglasses that is still within the 2 year warranty period, which frame broke within 1 year of purchase. I sent it to the retailer which I purchased it from, namely American Swiss Jewelers, N1 City, Cape Town, South Africa. The sales manager Zande Lee assured me that that she will send it away for repairs to the repair center in Johannesburg, but since it is still within its warranty period, she has had the same problem with the same model Guess Sunglasses, and they were not able to repair it, as it was parts were discontinued and that either refund my monies or I...

Product - California, Santa Clara / ebt

Apr 16, 2012

people with ebt cards, use it for food. but they also buy smoke and beer, with their own money. when they do have money to buy 30 pack BUDWISER then I'm sure they have enough to have spend on food that they use with ebt. its my money and government have given these ###s for free. i see people everyday at my work. they have enough to buy brand new mustang, or Lincoln navigator, corvette, BMW. but how come they get ebt cards. looks to me like people who issue EBT card been bribed. i work 7 day and 16 hrs a day. but government wont give me any benefits. I'm loyal citizen of the U.S. but...