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proaction diet Complaints & Reviews

proaction diet - England, Yorkshire / Unauthorised payment withdrawal

Sep 09, 2011

Hi, I am very pleased to say that I have just contacted BBC watchdog, trading standards and the regional media about Proaction diet and their scam. I will also be blogging actively on twitter unless they stop this and refund my money. I suggest everyone else should order a replacement credit card, which they paid from and this should stop the payment. There is no direct debit setup - your statement shows it as a POS - point of sale - therefore payment taken from the same card details that they used to hook us with the initial nominal delivery charge offer. I am calling my bank tomorrow and reporting the card as lost - that should show the ###. Good luck all!

proaction diet / unauthorised payment

Aug 30, 2011

i ordered proaction diet but was not pleased with results. sent back tablets but they still took £75 out of my account. I cant get through on phone. reply to my emails with cancellation notification but still take money. I am going to take further action. THIS IS A CON...

proaction diet / taking money unauthorised out of my account

Jun 02, 2011

I bought a trial proaction diet pack which consisted of two bottles of tables both costing £3.50 each and I submitted my order on the 11/05/2017. I had to go away with work and the product did not arrive. I came back 2wks later to find the product (which is still unopened) on my door step plus on the 31/05/2017 two payments taken out of my account, one for £37.50 and the other for £75.00. I have tried to contact and negotiate with the company and explain I do not know when the product was delivered and equally I still have the right to send the items back for a full refund...