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Priority Service Commercial Brokerage LLC / Holiday membership - deceiving customers

Aug 29, 2016

I have taken the membership on 12-Sep-15, which I have paid half of the amount. I have made the required payment for this, which is why I received the membership card, Where in I enrolled for domestic travel membership. And I was told the amount is valid till 2 years, which is ideally 6N/7D per year. I was given 1st travel on demanding the same in the month of May 16 for 2D/2N. When I requested for 2nd travel in the month of Aug 16, they say I need to pay the full amount. I need the following points to be answered and action to be taken: 1. when the agreement says for 5 years, why the service...

Priority Service Commercial Brokerage LLC / priority services

May 01, 2018

I have paid 15000 AED to Priority services for travel package for hotel accommodation for the countries around the world. Im not able to use their service as whenever I try to call [protected] the number does not exist. Neither the site I request for reimbursement they give some excuses. I do want to cancel my Contract and get my 15000 AED back. Please advise Thanks Shyma