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Priority Direct Marketing Complaints & Reviews

Priority Direct Marketing - Washington, Spokane / big fee for no service


I've read the many complaints about PDM International and wanted add my complaint as well. They promised to lower my interest rate and/or lower my debt and provide me with a budget that would help me get out of debt. The package was pretty but it didn't provide information that I didn't already know. I wanted them to do what they promised, lower my interest rate and if not, get a refund. I've been calling the number they provided but no answer. I'm so disgusted with these "wolves".

Priority Direct Marketing - Wisconsin / Fraudalent claims to lower credit card interest rates


This company preys on people's vulnerabily. The sales man was fast talking and before my father in law knew what he was doing, his credit card was charged $1390 for a member ship fee to become a member in this organization that would help to lower his interest rates. They then sent him a packet in the mail which asked for all of his credit card information .The disclaimer is that they can not guarantee anything. When we called the compnay they had my father in law on tape saying that he agreed to the amount, but you could tell by the tape that he did not know what he was doing. My father...

Priority Direct Marketing - Washington / Will not refund as promised


PDMI promised they could save me $2500. or more on my credit card debt by lowering my interest rates. They got one of my credit cards on the phone and immediately took out their fee of nearly $900 calling me and having me ok it. I was caught off guard and ok'ed it. Now that they cannot help me by lowering my interest rates, I asked for my refund and was told that they had helped me it would be all explained in a letter (which they could not tell me what it said). I told them that I did not need to be told to pay more on my credit cards, I only needed lower interest rates. The customer...

Priority Direct Marketing - Washington, Spokane / Refund


I kept receive a call to lower my credit care (APR) annual percentage rate of 28.35% on Discover card at that time I had a balance of $1, 830.88 and about (3) other credit care with all together total about $4000.00 in credit card debt. Poriority Direct was in insist! insist! insist! they could save me lost of money and 100% sure they could lower my (APR) after promising they could save me $2, 100.00 would cut my credit in half, minus $590.00 which they charged on my credit card. I was saving $1, 510.00 they convince me that I was going to pay the (APR) anyway and look at the $590.00 as part...

Priority Direct Marketing - Texas, Bedford / Fradulently charged to credit card


This company claims to be a debt consolidation company that will not effect your credit, but will negotiate directly with card companies to lower your APR and forgive old charges in your principal. They have a very fast talking process that prompts you to provide information necessary for processing while assuring you that over the phone business is covered common and completely insured. They use the information obtained to place unauthorized charges on your credit card ($990) which are billed as "advertising services" to your card company. Do not be as naive as I was! do not share your...