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PRICE SAVERS Complaints & Reviews

PRICE SAVERS / Acai Berry Scam continues


How do we get this scam stopped? I also ordered a free trial of Acai Berry. Cancelled after getting charged $29.95 twice with no free sample yet. After I finally got that resolved and removed from my credit card, I then started getting charged by Price Savers for $8.51. It is a hassle to keep dealing with these unauthorized charges. If anyone knows the process to get the company shut down, please forward. I am SOOOOO tired of dealing with this. I do not want others to have to deal with it either.

PRICE SAVERS / Acaci Berry


I received a sample of the Acai Berry back in September/October and since then there has been 4 x unauthorised payments from my Halifax bank account, total = £26.34 by a company called Price Savers/price limbo/Myvip fit. I want these monies refunding and all further requests for monies stopped immediately. My home email address is [email protected] and at the moment I am on [email protected] - I would appreciate some feed back. Regards June Bate

PRICE SAVERS / Unauthorised debit


I purchased acci berry and was only charged for freight, which was ok and i approved it, however i just found that a amount of $ 12.35 Australian has been debit from my account with been authorised. It rerads as follows from my bank statement. VISA - PRICE SAVERS 866-2190082 US FRGN AMT 8.510000#1676135 The ref # is 117172761454 I would like this money reimburst please and i wish for this company to stop debiting my account. My name is Teresa My email address is [email protected] My mobil # is 0438 144 049 Please reply.