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Premier Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Premier Solutions - Florida, Palm Beach Gardens / FRAUD


took $2346.54 from my checking acct w/o waiting for my approval to sell our timeshare on HHI, SC. Lied to me re "having a buyer" . Never returned my phone calls. I want all money returned to me. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; not allowed to regroup under another name.

Premier Solutions / almost scammed


My husband and I had received several calls regarding our Timeshare we own in Mexico with Club Solaris, asking us to sell that there was several offers on this. We finally told them we had an interest in the offer of 30, 000.00 half the value and was told I would get a contract emailed to me to review and sign. waited and never received then they called back and said to send 1388.54 for title search which would be refunded at sale, and my husband and I said we still did not receive the email of the contact and she said i will resend it but if I dont give an answer by the end of the day they...