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premier partners group Complaints & Reviews

premier partners group / SCAM

Oct 13, 2011

Premier Partners Group Seoul Fake Offshore Investment House. These guys will cold call you telling you of a great stock tip especially pusshyyy salesman the are nothing but a con Do Not Under Any Circumstances Send Them Money you will never see it again my work colleague sent them 15 fifteen thousand dollars and cannot get it back after relentless phone calls etc DO NOT FALL INTO THE SAME TRAP...

premier partners group / offshore investment scam

Oct 11, 2011

same company that is behind all the scam such as sphinx asia trade eden management just too name a few these idiots called me up and gave me the exact same script word word that i had recorded from before from a supposed different company keeped the guy going for awhile but as soon as he mentioned escrow account i knew straight away SCAM SCAM... Be careful however the have really upped there game and from what i can tell the themselves are covering the internet with unrelated scam stories to take the heat off.