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Premier Membership Clubs Complaints & Reviews

Premier Membership Clubs / Don't deal with this company

Dec 28, 2012

I received a phone and a man tried to get me to sign up for membership and when i found out who it was i told them on the phone i did not want it and come to find out they had taken out $99 out of my account and they have been giving me the run around for 2 months and when i get someone else envolved i try to get their address over the phone and they say they can not give it over the phone i have to go on line and get it and when you try to go on line you can not find the web site they give you and richard the floor manager is the hardest to deal with one day he says they'll put it back in and then the next they say it is not refundable.

Premier Membership Clubs / I have stopped all payments to them thru my bank and had to change my whole account number and get a new card

Nov 02, 2012

In January I received a notice from my bank telling me that I owed them 132 dollars and some change for a check to PMCMembership! I have never heard of this club before, but somehow they managed to get my banking info and withdrew $99.49 for their club services. When I called the numbers provided for me I was told that because my husband ordered it he had to cancel it even though it was my bank account only. He also tried to cancel but they also refused him because it was my account. How are we supposed to cancel the membership then?!?! The message center tells me they will take my complaint...

Premier Membership Clubs / They charged my checking account 99.49 plus overdraft fees

Aug 16, 2012

They charged my checking account 99.49 plus overdraft fees I tried calling them no call backs no answer, so upon the advice of my bank I file fraudulent charges against them & in less than 7 days my money plus the fees were returned. The company PMC did call & try to get me to agree to authorization for a refund & I refused to agree that I authorized because I didnt they got angry & have never called again everyone trust your banks to handle it & be very careful when talking to them they are recording you and want you to say they had permission to withdraw money from your account!

Premier Membership Clubs / I have never received anything from the but they keep talking my money

Jul 13, 2012

On 11/21/11 pmc club withdrew $133.49 for an order they claim I placed and I don't know what I ordered. Everytime I call them two find out what I ordered they will not answer the phone and will not call me back. They have done this to me three times since 9/13/11in the amount of $133.00 and then again on 11/9/11 in the amount of $133.00. I have never received anything from the but they keep talking my money. I am on a fixed income and disabled and I can not afford for this to have this keep happening to me. I am a little old lady and need my money.

Premier Membership Clubs / Their customer service line is ###

Jun 19, 2012

I checked my account balance and saw that it was in the negative because of $99.48 that was taken out by a bunch of ###s that I never heard of before. I did not sign up for there service at all. There customer service line is ###. What, do they think we're ###s? I'm filing a police report as soon as I'm done writing this and I'm going to see what I have to do to sue. GO TO HELL PREMIER MEMBERSHIP CLUB!!!

Premier Membership Clubs / took moenywith my permission

Dec 16, 2011

i went to bank to day 12/16/2011 to take money out was shock i did not have that much in it so i went home to check on line to see what was going on Premier Membership Clubs took 99.00 out with my permission on 12 07/ 2011 and more was taking out but have to wait and see where it went it not showing up i did not give Premier Membership Clubs to take money out of my checking account there no number to call them so i am doing this i want my money back i am going to bank on Monday to get copy that show Premier Membership Clubs took money out i have not heard fromPremier Membership Clubs want them to tell me why they took it i will send email to every Premier Membership Clubs intill they tell my why and put money back