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Premier Holiday Travel Complaints & Reviews

Premier Holiday Travel / Unfair


Premier Holiday sold me a vacation package for $6000.00. Premier later billed me for the first of a previously unmentioned annual maintenance fee of $500.00. If this was not paid, I could not use my benefits from this package. All ethical arguments with Premier failed. Since I had originally bought this package with a friend, who eventually migrated leaving me to make the payments by myself, I pleaded with Premier about the financial burden, and they offered to change my package to a total of 500 hotel nights, with a considerably lower annual fee. I accepted. To my great disappointment, the...

Premier Holiday Travel / Fraud


Back in 2002, while on vacation in the Bahamas, me and my husband were approaced by so called representatives of Premier Holiday Travel and advised of all the perks and benefits they offered. At the time, we thought it was a good idea and signed up for it. We had to put a $2500 deposit down and make monthly payments of $180.00 a month through Monterrey Financial Services for a loan to help pay for the contract. Well, we paid it off and received notice in 2007 that we had to pay maintenance fees of $1140.00. We never received any information from the so called organization up until thi...