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Premier Cosmetics Complaints & Reviews

Premier Cosmetics - Texas, Mansfield / Skin Care Package Set

Dec 16, 2015

My sister went to the Parks Mall in Arlington to buy my dad a gift for Christmas, and along the way she came across the sales reps for Premier Cosmetics. 4 people came to her and began to sway her into buying the package set of $1, 022, 000, and didn't even tell her how much the total would be until after she received the receipt, in which also stated that all sales were final (no refunds) AFTER she paid for everything. It is unfair that these sales reps didn't provide honest information from the beginning, and they didn't even provide good customer service while making the purchase. Truly...

Premier Cosmetics - California, San Francisco / Scammers

Sep 05, 2013

I was shopping at Nordstrom in SF and got stopped by a sales rep name Loui at the Premier booth, they had a full range of product and a price brochure etc, which I found out later that they were all fake materials to rip off people. I experienced their "magic" selling scam by trying their product on you and show you it does make your skin look better, then they'd sell you something complete uesless in the same packaging containers. I was ripped off about 1000$, only found out when I searched on internet that their prices online are half of what they were asking for at the mall. No return...