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Preferred Platinum Plan Complaints & Reviews

Preferred Platinum Plan / They Are rude and don't know anything about fair debt practices is


They are sleazy they give people so many days to pay their bill and if that person don't pay their bill on that day they won't give you an ext ion on it they will get so mad at you and say whatever because they are going file charges on you and prosecute you and have you a arrested but let me tell you something you can't have a person arrested for a bill okay folks and threaten you to be arrested okay it is illegal to do that in the USA so pretty munch it's a scam because they said they are going to arrested in a different state they can't do that they need to get a...

Preferred Platinum Plan - California, Canoga Park / Service is crappy, and high bills


Service kept disconnecting on and off about 6 times blaming insufficient funds and later bill was recieved tallying the total to be $516.75, Rude customer service agent cussed at me and said it's my fault that the phone disconnects and that it still is counted as a charge and they say the first call only was a $6.00 activation fee and then whatever the per minute is timed. each disconnect and connect counted as a $6.00 activation fee, which it shouldn't be because it was for only the first time and then the timed price but each disconnect counted and I paid $300 after engaging in a...