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Preferred Long Distance Complaints & Reviews

Preferred Long Distance / Fraud/Scam

Apr 13, 2012

Absolute fraud and scam. "John" called my business to say that Preferred Long Distance was an alternative carrier to AT&T phone service and that they had been tracking the cost of my phone bills to be around $240/mo--which was true. They could offer much better since they only charge $40/line times my four lines with free long distance period. The first bill is a little more since its prorated. OK. First bill for one moth of service comes $590. What? Alright I guess it will wash out in the end, bill paid. Second bill comes $370. I called to speak with customer service and spoke to an extremely...

Preferred Long Distance - New Mexico, Farmington / they were higher the Qwest


Was told they would save us money by switching to them over Qwest but the were 20 to 30% higher when we switched back the held hostage our 800 number until we pay current bill which we paid and the 2 weeks later another bill came in with credit that were applied on the 1 bill now added back to the last bill, when I called to ask about this there service person was very rude and accuse me of lying about my Qwest bill, they made promises that were not true and when you bring it to them you are the one that is wrong. these are dishonest people and you need to stay away from them it cost me a lot of money to learn this.