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PowerSale Complaints & Reviews

PowerSale - California, Garberville / did not sign up for....


I mistakenly signed up for something else (refunds on way) and this company somehow has been able to get into my account now too. I have never heard of 'Powersale' and certainly never chose to sign up with them. On 6/19 they charged my account 38.34. Their customer service number 'cannot be completed as dialed'. It is supposedly 877-244-1121. The companies that are perhaps responsible for this company having my numbers are: clicksellgo grant masters and/or the sellers lounge It may seem like only a little money, but I can't afford it once, much less monthly and...

PowerSale / fraud


I was scammed by Google Treasure Chest. A company called Safelock took money out of my checking account. NOW, a company called Powersale has taken money out of my account also, in the amount of $27.84. I'm Going to have to cancel my debit card so noone else can screw me. If there is any lawyers out there who wants to take on a class action suit, with Google paying your fee, let us all know. This is absolutely ridiculous and Google needs to be held accountable. Though I didn't see the agreement in the fine print when I ordered the CD, Google is now giving other scam artists my information to take me to the cleaners. Where the heck is CY anyway.