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Potty Patch Complaints & Reviews

Potty Patch / Consumer Fraud

Jan 29, 2011

I should have known better. I saw the product on TV and went to this website "as seen on tv" to order it. They advertise one price, then assault you with pop ups to try to confuse you into unknowingly buy other things. I tried to stop the order and get out of the site but could not and while I was attempting to delete the order I received a confirmation email for my order with 3 charges of $79.99 plus shipping and handling! I was originally ordering a $34.99 item! There is no way to contact this company via email or telephone so I called my credit card company and put a hold on my account so...

Potty Patch - Arizona / overcharged


I purchased one ref sized potty patch they said that I would get a free upgrade to a large one. That should have been $34.00 some odd cents, instead a charge of $92.00 was on my credit card. When I looked b ack on the print off of my order. there was no price written and neither did they send an email. They gave me an order # of 14974992 but what good does that do me without a written price to complain about. RSD

Potty Patch - Florida, Fort Myers / Does not work


After waiting 3 weeks, I finally recieved the product and after 5 week of trying to train my dog, he simply did not respond to this product. I even went as far as placing dog poop on the patch and it did'nt work. Money gone!!!

Potty Patch / no way to of cancelling order


I placed a order and the site added to many so I called and tried to change the order and the person stated that I have to call back in 24 hours because it was in reviewing that the order would not be sent or charged, then I get an email stating the order would be shipped and I called the number and they are closed until monday and the order will be shipping. I ordered one thing and it put the wrong size and 4 of them for over 200 dollars and it should have been 37 dollars. They need to give the option of checking the order and cancelling before it is submitted and give a number it can be...

Potty Patch - New York / A Rip off


It took approximately a month and a half after I ordered the potty patch for it to arrive. I was charged weeks after ordering it, at this point I had already forgot about the purchase. I was unaware of the total cost of shipping and handling until the charge appeared on my credit card account. When the potty patch arrived it was crap. The grass portion was spiky and too hard for my small dog, the three parts of the patch didn't fit well together. I called the customer service number to get my money back and received no answer. This is a total scam. I'm now out 54.00.

Potty Patch - Connecticut / Deceptive and Devious


This is a scam company! I do NOT know how the AKC endorses them. I bought this as it was supposedly cheaper than the one my trainer recommended. I decided to get a large one, though nowhere did they list the price of the large one, then got two extras as part of the many pop-up offers that they actually have on their site (many have nothing to do with dogs even and are just affiliate marketers or subsidiary companies). I went to check out still no sign of a price for the larger one NOR was there any info on shipping time. As I have a trainer and am moving time is of the essence. I have 4 small...