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Polaroid Complaints & Reviews

Polaroid / Polaroid g55 dash cam

Mar 17, 2017

Warning this is cheap quality dash cam that will only last a week or two. If you are buying this for peace of mind when driving, then look elsewhere. You can overlook the add-ons that do not work but when the camera goes after a week and you are viewing funny colors across the screen, just take it back for a refund. The Polaroid staff are very friendly and try to help but can only sympathize. At the end, there is a reason why Polaroid went from being a top quality name brand in the 80s to just a name that brings back memories, the quality is just bad. For peace of mind get a dash cam that you can depend on, as at the moment I have more confidence on a bobble head doll as a witness than this piece of junk

Polaroid / No service

Dec 2, 2015

I bought the TV 4 or 5 months ago. The picture went black last week. I emailed the service department. Two times. I called today. They want me to send it back to California. I am in Lexington, ky. All most $ 200.00 with boxing and insurance. So I said just ship the part. It's a LED Driver Board. Just drop it in a padded envelope. She said we don't build them just the screen. It would cost too much to keep the other parts. I have worked on computers since the 80's. No parts exchange is strange. To heck with the warrant it cost to much to use it. I can't even buy a part from...

Polaroid - North Carolina, Charlotte / i1237 CAMERA

Jan 27, 2012

Purchased an i1237 Polaroid Camera from Big Lots in November 2011. Today the camera stopped working. Used it take Thanksgiving and Christmas Pictures. I am 65 years old and wanted a small camera to take pictures of grands when they visits. The camera came on today and then cut off. Replaced the batteries in the correct order and it will not come on. Happen a week ago after I took about 3 pictures. Cut off and I could not get it to come back on. I have discarded the original box and misplaced the receipt for the camera. Have not used the camera over 5 times. So disappointed in the product.

Polaroid / The worst tv we have ever owned! No help available

Feb 1, 2011

We have a 32in. Polaroid TV purchased about 31/2 yrs. ago. It has a dark gray line on the left side of the screen. I tried to get help on line. No way, you have to pay to talk to them or leave a message. no way! The complaints I am reading about scare me to death. I am now afraid my house is going to burn down while we are gone. The TV gets so hot when we are watching it that it is scary. I hope someone gets a civil lawsuit going, I will be the first to sign up!

Polaroid / Sucks

Jan 31, 2011

We got this tv from walmart 2008 it quit working on january2011 it..what it dose the volume gose up by it self and then ir freezes then we have 2 unplug it to turn of ..know it wont even turn on u can see nothing on the screen only blackkk, , it *** so bad we pay 750.00dls and is peace of s##&#&t..never again will by this brand is sad when u pay lost of money for stuff don't even work good they need 2 give us a refund or do a recall or something like that ...

Polaroid - Ontario, Toronto / i1035 digital camera


In June.2009 purchased i1035 polaroid digital camera for my 10 yr old son. With in 90 days it no longer worked, everything was blurred, we had only used it 5 times. The batteries died with in 10 min every time. Sent it in for repair, paid shipping and handling plus insurance. 1 month later got it back it was a brand new camera, not the colour we'd sent them. Opened up the box put the batteries in and it froze! Bought new batteries same thing happened. So in total paid $100.00 = tax so $130.00 for the camera then $15.00 shipping/handling/insurance total+$145.00 and still have a camera that...

Polaroid / Scam Artist


Polaroid C.E.O 's are Scam Artist. Don't buy Polaroid. You only help line Their Comie Pocket's. They lie cheat and steal. Their Motto is. WIN IF YOU CAN. LOSE IF YOU MUST. BUT ALWAY'S CHEAT. They do not honor their warranties in anyway shape or form. Put them out of bussiness. Hit them in the pocket. Drive around as I do with their Junk T.V. in the back of a truck. With balloon's. With sign's stating of their junk product's. And park it on main highway's and in front of your home's. Even have a Polaroid demolition day contest in your neighborhood...

Polaroid - Texas, Lumberton / Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product


The following are emails that have been sent in attempt to be reimbursed for a defective dvd player. Polaroid originally said they would replace the defective unit we sent them but now we have not heard any type of response from them. Now we are trying to contact them by phone & email and every attempt has been unsuccessful. Every 800 number we call, their response is we don't handle that unit & model#. Well who does????? I originally talked to someone & they had me ship the unit to Camarillo, CA. But now all the sudden noeone can help me. INSANE! Read on...It Only Gets Better...WORSE! We were...

Polaroid / Don't buy!


I've had all the same problems with my Polaroid TV. It quit working, the DVD quit and then it quit working again. The TV repairman told me not to bother paying to have it fixed since it doesn't have a cooling mechanism the board will continue to burn out. Polaroid has been no help and doesn't care, they got my money and I got a piece of C*#^! I don't understand how these companies stay in business when they produce terrible products and won't stand behind it. I had to save my money to buy that TV in the first place. I just can't go out and replace it.

Polaroid - Utah, Cedar City / tv dosen't work


I bought a polaroid tv, model # 3700 from Wal-mart in 2006. It won't turn on. I've tried to call polaroid customer service but get no answer. I have found out that many other people are having the same problem with this model tv.

Polaroid / Bad service


On 02/09/08 I purchased a 32� Polaroid HDTV (TDA-03211C) with DVD player built in. It was our first new TV in more years than I care to remember and was replacing our old 19� main TV that had just gone out. It seemed to be a good buy, although previously I did not know Polaroid Made TV�s, first red flag. We had it just over a month when we first noticed that it had a vertical line in the image. It seemed to be a random issue, but always appeared in the same place. It also seemed to happen more often with cartoons, but with 5 kids in house...

Polaroid / Terrible experience


Purchased a Polaroid TDA-32011C TV + DVD on August 31, 2017. I installed it, it worked perfectly until September 2 where vertical lines of different colors appeared. Called the Polaroid call center, where I was given a case # and a promise to send a technician as soon as I faxed the store receipt. The next day, I received a call saying they could not honor the warranty with that store - despite the 90 day manufacturer warranty. The store decided to pick it up and refund it to me as they didn't have any left. I will never buy Polaroid again. Lousy product, lousy customer service, lousy company. And you wonder why the Japanese are so successful! I'll buy a Sharp or a Sony instead...

Polaroid - Kentucky, Scottsville / awful in every way


Polaroid must have the worst reputation of any company right now. Nearly all of their TV are breaking about 1-6 months after warranty runs out -an their other products seem to be about the same. They will not work with you in the least to make things right. People all over the world are hoping for a class action lawsuit. Look them up and put them out of business - or if you can find any managers or engineers, of that company, treat them as bad as you think may be appropriate, appropriate for someone who helps build a company that lies and steals money in amounts that add up to time equal to many lifetimes.

Polaroid / Television repair


I purchased a Polaroid television in November, 2006. It broke in May. In September, after repeated daily calls, they finally returned a portion of my purchase price. Here's my real problem. I repeatedly tried to get past the customer service representatives to speak to someone and I was told they did not have contact with anyone at corporate headquarters. They said they were the final word on repairs and they could not and would not give me a refund or another television. I finally considered it a small victory to get what I did. I just found this site and would like to warn others of their lack of service. Very disappointing!

Polaroid / I will never buy a Polaroid product again


Bought my TV (42" LCD) in November 2007 for the black Friday special at Wall Mart. The TV stopped working about 91 days after which made it impossible to return back to Wall Mart. The manufacture's warranty was still good though and so we called Polaroid to get our TV fixed. They told us it would take 4 weeks to get the part to our house and then another 3 weeks after that to get a repairman scheduled to come out and install it. 7 weeks later and the part they sent didn't work either. Instead of replacing the TV, Polaroid said they had to send another part. Another 7 weeks later and...

Polaroid / Take your money elsewhere


I purchased two Polaroid izone 300 cameras on 04/12/06. Both are currently useless. Upon contacting Polaroid, they indicated that the one-year warranty has expired and that I would need to write a letter to their Warranty Center. If anyone else wants to waste their time accomplishing nothing...that address is: Polaroid Warranty Center, 14K Worlds Fair Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873. I received a letter back stating..."We have received your request for warranty service that was previously denied by our service center. Your individual case has been reviewed by our warranty appeal division. We regret...

Polaroid / Terrible experience!


I too have been waiting almost 6 months for some sort of resolution from these 'polaroid' people... I have since found out that there is no real polaroid company anymore... they have no employees... the name was sold to a company 'Flextronics' and they are the ones selling these China made pieces of garbage with the polaroid name fixed to them... they have known from the start that these TV's have a life expectancy of less than one year, yet they continue to push this trash worldwide, making huge profits... the TV's you and I paid $1000. for cost them less than...

Polaroid - California, Camarillo / What a joke!


My husband and I purchased a 37 inch LCD from Circuit City in Feburary 2007, by October same year it was starting to break and finally went all the way out by mid October, we call Polaroid immediately and are told the part would be to us within 72 hours and were then to call for service, same story I have been reading all over this site. Part doesn't come so we make numerous more calls just to be told twice they didn't have record of our call, then to be told the part was back ordered. Now the middle of December we are finally asked what we would like to see happen to resolve the issue?...