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Points Panel Complaints & Reviews

Points Panel - Manitoba, Winnipeg / Did not get paid for work - and their email address doesn't work

Jan 24, 2016

I do online surveys to make extra money. I came across points panel, who uses an app called touch points to document your activities for 7 days. I downloaded the app and answered their questions every half hour for seven days, as well as an end of day survey each day. It promised $50 by paypal. I did not get paid. And when i tried to email them to complain, the email address doesn't work. I think this is a scam and i'm very upset. I want my $50. I worked hard for it. Pamela groening Pamela.[protected]

Points Panel / Cheating out of money

Feb 28, 2015

On their website they claim earn 500 points to cash in for 5 dollars. I emailed them to confirm the website information and I have the email. I earn 500 points for downloading the app and allowing them access to track what I do on the phone. 500 points approx 35 days to earn. I login in to my account to redeem the 5 dollars and all of a sudden it's now 4 dollars for 500 points. I look at their main page and it still states 500 for 5 dollars. So why am I getting scammed out of a dollar? First time using this app and they play games? So I email them again. "Josie" sends email to Yve...