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Pointe Pest Control - Chicago Complaints & Reviews

Pointe Pest Control - Chicago - Illinois, West Chicago / Bogus


The company is a sham. They will show up at your property, but they will not do anything to actually kill bugs, pests or insects. I signed a contract and they showed up as promised but my house never appeared any better after the service. I complained and was told that multiple treatments are necessary to ensure all eggs and larvae are killed. They show up in the middle of winter claiming the need to kill eggs. Maybe insecticide works through snow and ice, but I doubt it. I stopped using the service when the contract ended and I have fewer problems with insects and bugs then when my house wa...

Pointe Pest Control - Chicago - Illinois / Failure to honor contract, service worthless.


Pointe Pest Control knowingly does not honor its contract and knowingly ignores the cancellation provisions of its contract. BEWARE, do not do business with these people if your expectation is they will honor what they put in writing. They ignore the cancellation provisions of their contract. Even after they receive timely fax, email, mail and phone cancellation notices, and acknowledge same in phone calls, they keep putting through unauthorized charges. What they need are class action suits to put them out of business.